Coke Studio Season 4 House Band consists of Asad Ahmed, Babar Khanna, Gumby, Jaffer Zaidi, Javed Iqbal, Kamran Zafar, Omran Shafique, Rachel Viccaji, Shazee, Sikandar Mufti, Zoe Viccaji and more

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  1. ¿quién te dejo JJ?o recomiendas el método sin haberlo experimentado???, a todos nos ha pasado en algún momento, no crean que es exclusivo de las mujeres portarse así, ja,ja,ja!que tengas un buen día aceptando la verdad!y estoy de acuerdo con Andy, la mejor frase es: el o ella se lo pierde!

  2. It is not a waste of money. The special effects and animation are well worth it and will blow your mind. You will actually forget at times that you are watching special effects. I disagree with some of Rawles points, but the plot does have its problems. Overall, the movie is very much like Dances with Wolves and/or The Last Samurai in a sci-fi setting.


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