Artist: Sanam Marvi
Song: Sighra Aaween Saanwal Yaar

Coke Studio 4, Episode 1 Performance

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Title: Sighṛa Aaween – سگھڑا آویں – Come Swiftly
Language: Punjabi, Siraiki
Poetry: Sachal Sarmast (1739-1826) and Sultan Bahu (c.1628-1691)

Sassi roams the blistering desert in desperate search of Sanwal, her beloved Punnun. His beautiful image has taken root in her heart, pervading all her senses. A Quranic verse states, “There remaineth but the Countenance of thy Lord of Might and Glory”. Sassi’s frenzied quest for union is an allegory for the call of the human soul to reunite with the Divine Source. The poet knows that love and the torment of separation is a universal experience; his pain is still acute and particular.

الف الا چمبے دی بوٹی مرشد من وچ لائی ہُو
alaf ala chambe di booṭi murshid man wich laai hu
alif, the first letter of God’s name, is a jasmine flower that the Guide has planted in my heart – He!
نفی اثبات دا پانی ملیو ہر رگے ہر جائی ہُو
nafi asbaat da paani milyo har rage har jaai hu
watered with negation and affirmation (no God, but God) was each vein and each pore – He!
اندر بوٹی مشک مچائی جاں پھلاں تے آئی ہُو
andar booṭi mushk machaai jaan phulaan te aai hu
inside, the plant stirred a musky tumult of fragrance when the flowers of gnosis blossomed – He!
جيوے مرشد کامل “باہو” جیں ایہہ بوٹی لائی
jeewe murshad kaamil baahu jain eh booṭi laai
long live my Consummate Guide, O “Bahu”, who planted this chaste flower

سگھڑا آویں سانول یار
sighṛa aaween saanwal yaar
come swiftly, dark, handsome love!
روندی وتدیّاں زاروزار
roandi watadiyyaan zaarozaar
I wander weeping wretchedly
سگھڑا آویں سانول یار
sighṛa aaween saanwal yaar
come swiftly, dark, handsome love!

رات دیاں وچ سانگ سجن دے رہن ہمیشہ سرد رات
raat diyaan wich saang sajan de rahn hamesha sard raat
the nights and days of separation from my lover always remain bitterly cold
جو اک واری مر کے جیوے فیر اناں کی مرنا ہُو
jo ik waari mar ke jeewe fer unaan ki marna hu
he who, after death, once more lives, what fear has he of death then – He!
دنیا اتو جس دن بھاویں اس دن پردا کرنا ہُو
duniya uto jis din bhaawen us din parda karna hu
from the world, the day he chooses his mortal frame he can quit – He!

راہاں تیݙیاں روز ڳولیندیاں
raahaan teḍiyaan roz golaindiyaan
each day, I scour the roads you travelled
من توں آویں کنہں ول یار
man tu aaween kainhn wal yaar
oh, would to God you come back, love!
سگھڑا آویں سانول یار
sighṛa aaween saanwal yaar
come swiftly, dark, handsome love!

جیں ڈینہ دا میں در تینڈے تے سجدہ صحی جا کیتا ہُو
jain ḍeenh da main dar tainḍe te sajdah sahi ja keeta hu
at your door, from the day that I did bow my forehead in the True Court – He!
اس ڈینہ دا سر فدا اتھائیں بیا دربار نہ لیتا ہُو
us ḍeenh da sir fida uthaaeen bya darbaar nah leeta hu
from that day, my head (life) is devoted to that Court; no other court have I since sought – He!
سر ڈیون آکھن ناہیں شاد پیالہ پیتا ہُو
sir ḍewan aakhan naaheen shaad piyaala peeta – hu
they’d give up their heads than give up His Secret, who have drunk from the Cup of Gladness – He!
میں قربان تنہاں توں “باہو” جنہاں عشق سلامت کیتا ہُو
main qurbaan tinhaan ton baahu jinhaan ishq salaamat keeta hu
I am sacrificed for those ones, O “Bahu”, who have (like Husain) safeguarded Pure Love – He!

در تیڋے تے “سچّو” ڄیہے
dar teḍe te sachchu jehe
at your door, like the lowly “Sachchu”
عاشق لکھہ ہزار او یار
aashiq lakh hazaar o yaar
(must be) countless ardent lovers, love!
سگھڑا آویں سانول یار
sighṛa aaween saanwal yaar
come swiftly, dark, handsome love!

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