Band: Aez
Song: Sutta

Band Members
Asad Butt:Vocals,Guitars,
Ashas Khan:Vocals,Guitars,Keyboard

Produced by Saad Sultan @ Sidereal Studios

Band INFO:
Aez Is an abbreviation for “Audacity Of Ashas And Asad”.The Name Aez Reflect’s the three A’s in the band’s Name in general, and in literal meanings, Audacity represents Fearlessness.

It tries to explain the Struggle through hard times,Overcoming our fears,Taking control on our odds and Questioning the so called norms of our system and society.

Our Music duly Represents the essence of our idea behind the name and our mindset towards our music and we intend to influence others a we progress through the stages,to enlight and be enlighted..


Our Band is formed with a vision and initiative to stand against all the odds and negativity that our society and system has to offer.

With our music,we intend to influence the very minds of the people to whom ears it Strikes and to Produce melodies of such addiction that will never ever be forgotten until our conscious Lasts

Sutay Marey ja,Behja Na Tu Kha
Jiya Na Jaala,Dhuwa Na Ura


Yariyan Teri Sutay Ki Wajah
Jenay Marney Ki,Ab Sutta hai Dawa


Dhuwey Ki Tarhan,tum bikhar jatey ho
Machis Ki Agg main,Kyun Khud hi jaal jatey ho

Main Kya houn kya tha,ab nhi kuch Pta
Koi bhi na rha,Bas Bebasi kay Siwa..

Jena Bhi Ab Chuta,
Dhuwey nhi hi Lutta,Chain…


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