The Bilz (Brothers-in-Lawz) is a Montreal-based Canadian South Asian urban/pop and electronic musical group made up of two music producers, DJ Vicious (real name Vishal Urva), a Canadian South Indian musician, and Master-D (real name Subir Dev), a Bengali Indian Canadian musician.

After important collaborations with Kashif Khan, a Pakistani-Canadian R&B musician in their 2006 debut album The Bilz, Kashif was included in the Bilz formation from 2007 and the second album Breaking Barriers was released in 2010 as The Bilz & Kashif.

The primary audience of the band is Canadians of South Asian descent. The band has been successful internationally after having toured Europe in 2009 and 2010. The Bilz create mostly Hip-Hop / R&B / Desi Music. Their biggest hit is “2-Step Bhangra” which was very popular in Canada. The Bilz & Kashif also headlined the Canadian Music Week’s “Spotlight on India” on 12 March 2010.

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