Salman Ahmad of Junoon fame to do Bollywood film Soundtrack

Salman Ahmad of Junoon fame dives into the Bollywood universe.

“Always thought doing a Bollywood soundtrack would be fun and now have got an offer to do one,” says the Junooni Salman Ahmad who will be seen in an Indian film in the near future.

He has already started working on the film soundtracks, other than that Salman Ahmad also confirmed his guest appearance in it. He said,

“I’ll be doing my first Bollywood film with music and cameo appearance with my guitar as well!”

It will be interesting to see how Salman blends Sufi music, a genre so mystical that it makes materialism of any kind irrelevant with Bollywood songs. However, it has become the new formula for a box office hit in India.

Stay tuned for more details.



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