Reshma is back to small screen after ‘Lambi Judai with “Hath Jorhnee Aan” Official Music Video

Legendary Pakistani folk singer Reshma has just shot her first music video directed by Sohail Javed.
The video which is based on Reshma’s famous song ‘Hath Jorhnee Aan’ was shot at Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur in Punjab Province and features Pakistani model Zaria. Shots of Reshma, who has not been keeping well, are interspersed throughout the video.
Director Javed describes his experience of shooting video with Reshma as ‘surreal’.
“We were told that she would not talk to us but she’s very sweet. She didn’t know what we were doing and we tried to explain to her that we were shooting a music video,” Javed told.
He explained: “I mean we knew that she wouldn’t be a diva but she was just incredibly sweet. She thought we were from India and said to us, ‘Tell (Bollywood star) Dharmendra he’s my brother, I miss him too’. The stories she told…she was more like a mother. It was a lesson. She’s not media-savvy but she’s very kind and soft.”

A Tribute to Reshma
Song: Hath Jorhnee Aan
Artist: Reshma
Album: Pakivas
Composition & Lyrics: Reshma
Costume: Hajra Hayat
Executive Producer: Yousaf Sallahuddin
Producer: Izzat Majeed / Soofi Mushtaq
Director: Sohail Javed

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