Artist: Omer Inayat
Song: My Ride
Music: Ali Mustafa

After an amazing album that certainly illustrated that Pakistan’s music industry has great potential both at a domestic and international level, Omer Inayat returns home with another hit. The Islamabad based musician, who shot to stardom after his first single ‘You’ve Got Something’ is now coming out with another album. Losing no time at all Omer Inayat is featured in exceptionally well directed video by Nasir Siddique, the visual play-back of Waali, already riding high on the air waves, clearly illustrates Omer’s maturity and dedication to his work. The music has been once again directed by Ali Mustafa, who has done a wonderful job complimenting the composition. Debuting in a unique and certainly set apart video, Omer Inayat’s Tenu Le propelled itself to an admirable level, placing him at par with the many distinguished names of Pakistan’s pop industry.

Many a times innumerable talents have been subdued after an initial taste of success, but we witnessed Omer making his way, learning and implementing. After a year of complete arduousness and a successful album, whose appealing track list gave us modern gems like ‘Yuhein’ and ‘Kya ye Pyar Hai’, Omer Inayat was out of the spot light, for a while. During his absence we did hear a familiar tune, this time from across the border, in an Indian film called ‘Jai Veeru’. Released last year the film was directed by Punit Sira known for ‘Proud to be an Indian’ and ‘Kissan’ casting names like Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Dia Mirza, Kunal Khemu and Fardeen Khan. Not surprising at all the song was loved by every one and played over and over in clubs.

Notwithstanding the fame and recognition Omer Inayat received he now returns with even greater a zest. His work today shows a grown maturity and a nourished talent. His on screen casual and laid back attitude conceals behind itself a fierce temerity, an ambition hungry to fill all that it strives for within itself. And as for the future the way the tide is rolling, I’m betting there’s a lot more of Omer Inayat for the future.

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