JoSH’s highly anticipated 4th album, “Beyond Kismat” is finally set to release May 15th worldwide. Look for snipets of the video soon to be released for the brand new single, “Pyar Ho Gaya”

JoSH has released over 3 major albums worldwide selling more than 2 Million records. With collabs with international artists such as Nelly Furtado & Apache Indian, JoSH has become the most widely recognized and Indo-Pak-Canadian band on the globe.

Based in Canada, JoSH has received international acclaim after releasing 3 chart-topping albums. Comprised of members, Rup & Q, JoSH has been producing, writing, and singing hit songs for over a decade and have performed in over 25 countries. Their different influences and unique ideas blend to give JoSH’s music that fresh sound which you can hear in every single song.

Rup Magon
Qurram (Q) Hussain

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