Artist: Hassan Askari
Song: Is Safar Mein

Pursuit of Happiness

Syed Hassan Askari Bukhari was born on October 14, 1988 in Lahore Pakistan. Since childhood he wanted to be a singer, that’s all he ever wanted to become. He started singing at the age of 16 and liked by all the family and friends.

He worked with an underground band for few years until he realized that he wanted to be a solo singer. He had also performed in Islamabad club and other venues.

Music is in his soul. He recorded his first 2 tracks in December 2010 and a whole album is in pipeline.

Currently he’s working on few songs and video and learning guitar and classical singing so he can give variation in his songs.

He’s very promising and loyal to music and he promised he won’t let his audience down. He’s passionate about music and promised that he’s gonna rock the whole nation!!

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