Gol Chakkar – Official Trailer of Upcoming movie!
Release : Date Summer 2011
Genre : Comedy/Drama
Studio InCahoots Films

Plot Outline : Candy bhai is back, but he’s not alone this time. Now we meet his real friends and even his little nephew, Teddy. What might be an ordinary day in Jinnah Market spirals out of control when the gang heads over to Pindi, a place where Candy’s antics are much less appreciated. The boys have stepped on the wrong toes this time, the toes of men; the paws, of Shera.

Starring: Ali Rehman Khan, Hasan Bruun Akhtar, Usman Mukhtar, Salmaan Ahmed Shaukat, Uzair Jaswal, Adil Gul, Saboor Pasha, Asad Ali Shigri
Directed By Shahbaz Shigri & Aisha Linnea
Written By Aisha Linnea
Screenplay By Aisha Linnea & Shahbaz Shigri
Produced By Shahbaz Shigri, Aisha Akhtar

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