Billy-X launches his Official Youtube Channel
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  1. I see Mom was up early again. This almost made me cry. Katharine you loekod beautiful. Can’t wait to meet Claude. Wish we could have shared the day with you both. An awesome day. Congratulations again.

  2. I love your take on on the the most addictive sin to the male creation. All of these results are very real and need to looked at by every man. The battle is a heavy battle and a winnable battle. Derek, I would suggest to you to provide some practical ways men can overcome this sin! Keep going bro!

  3. skriver:Ja se där, bra med mail ibland också. Hehe jag låter inte min sambo tvätta för jag litar inte på att han kan torka sakerna rätt. Okej, Ja det är bara ta det en annan gång. Är nyfiken.Hoppas du har en bra dag.


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