Band: Axer
Song: Dil ki bhatian

Axer is a School Rock Band of Boys from HITEC School And College.
The Band was firstly formed by Salman farid in 2008 which was later
joined by Nouman Joseph, Nokhaiz Joseph (honey), Awab khawaja
(chini).Axer Unassuming Innocent looks and boy Next Door Demeanor Is a
Façade behind which is Hidden a Naughty, Energetic, Annoying yet
Endearing Personality that one Can’t help but get Addicted to… If
Mischief Attracts Company… then Axer Attracts the whole Jing Bang
There lyrics and vocals are deep and powerful and such which anyone
can relate to, leaving people mesmerized and wanting for more. The
band is inspired of western bands like Green day, linkin park,Skillet,
Sether and also from the local bands Akash, Call, E.P, Junoon etc.Soon
the Band would be coming up with his new singles,videos and albums

“Dill KI Baatian ” is the Debut Orginal from Axer The Band.

Band line up:
Salman Farid (Lead Guitars/Vocals)
Nouman Joseph (Bass Guitars/Vocals)
Chini Khawaja (Rythem Guitars)
Nokhaiz Joseph (Drums)

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