Ali Zafar has reportedly donated his fee for Luv Ka The End to charity.

The Pakistani singer-turned-actor appears as rockstar character Freddie Kapoor in the new Y-Films release.

“Ali got so excited with the track ‘F-U-N-Fun-Funaa’
that he refused to accept money for the film. Instead,
he asked for a donation to a charity of his choice,” a source said.

The actor’s new role in the production is inspired by a number of international musicians.

“His sound would have to be a Bryan Adams meets Green Day meets Black Eyed Peas,” the source added.

The Tere Bin Laden star also features in a stunt sequence with the lead actresses in the film’s climax, and is said to have refused the use of a body double.

“He did all the driving himself and he was great with the skids. The jumps gave the girls the ride of their life.”


Source : Ali Zafar Official Fanpage

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