Singing since the age of 3, Natasha Ejaz is one of Pakistan’s exciting Uth musicians. Having studied Eastern Classical singing, Natasha is currently pursuing a Certificate in Audio Production in Malaysia. Influenced and inspired by genres such as Acoustic/Jazz, Indie, Folk, dream-pop, and alternative music, in 2010, Natasha worked with musician Sarmad Ghafoor to release the single titled ‘Today is a Place’. This talented young singer, guitar player and songwriter is also currently working with fellow students in Malaysia getting together some twelve minutes of her music and also working on a concept album, along the lines of storytelling. She is also working on recording another single to release soon in Pakistan. Natasha hopes that Uth Records puts her in the spot for the right people to listen to her to want to work with her.

On Uth Records and her experience, Natasha has shared, “As far as the production of the song is concerned, I think I am going to get very spoilt very fast. Gumby and Omran are so hands on with the song. They have taken it personally; I see them humming the song while stirring their tea, always keeping an ear open for a new idea, a new direction. Something to enhance it. We recorded a couple of takes, Omran worked with me on some melody lines, helped me find the right harmony to back it up and we laid down a basic track with rough vocals and guitars. This was then sent to Taha, who was asked to then take over the production and overall feel of the end product.”

Natasha will be seen and heard on the Uth Records platform with ‘Right Way to Fall’.

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