Music Personality

Nausher Javed
Lead guitarist, composer and lyricist, Inteha the band.

Q – What is your most luxurious indulgence?
A – Well, frankly I am pretty good at exercising self-restrain and not being indulgent. The exceptions however, are traveling and my guitar collection.

Q – Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
A – After five years, I will be at a stage where I can launch my own record label and encourage young talent.

Q – What is the greatest challenge you have faced so far?
A- For me, every challenge when it comes, is the toughest. When I have overcome it, it seems like trash.

Q – What is your signature style?

A- It depends on the occasion, but it’s mostly casual.

Q – What comes to mind when you think of:
A – Hero? My dad.
Style? Superman, because of his outfit.
Action? Any Pakistani TV talk show.
Drama? Veena and Mufti.

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