A global online source clearly affirms, “With U.S. assistance – in the largest covert operation in history – Pakistan armed and supplied anti-Soviet fighters in Afghanistan, eventually defeating the Soviets, who withdrew in 1988.”

Words are superlative but most complicated things to monkey around with. Such statements containing duality have been an American ‘so-called’ diplomatic strength. Lately on the killing of two Pakistanis by Raymond Davis, US President Barrack Obama had to coldly/warmly say this, “We’re concerned about the loss of life. You know, we’re not callous about that. But there’s a broader principle at stake that I think we have to uphold.”

John Kerry on his recent visit expressed before leaving, “I am encouraged by the excellent visit devoted to the tackling the fallout of this tragic incident.” LOL at the word selection.

Much is said and talked about since Pakistan became a nuclear power, but the distressing factor is that none of our leaders cultured from the blunders we made. A nation that has been looted and whose government is broke, ruling party is gluttonous, opposition is waiting on its turn to pillage, it is an alluring invitation for a self imposed international commander to exploit that state.

Meanwhile, it would be an understatement to say that our nation is dead, one might think that were we ever alive?

The amount of catastrophes, horrific decisions, loss of dignity and economic flux in the past decade has left no optimism in the masses. In time like these, the cataclysms have been so dominant that we fail to recall any good memory.

At this moment I won’t say, ‘It’s time to wakeup’, ‘It’s never too late’ and stereotype my message. We are already late and way behind the wake-up schedule. Only God knows what’s destined for Pakistan, but at least the lowest level of Jihad should be achieved. If we can’t fight and fear to be encountered in doing so, we should at least raise our voices through whatever medium we good at. If some of us even fail to do that, we should support such voices and that would be a minimum, but pure and devoted endeavor.

Superpowers bully our country and threaten to cut the aid and provide no visas, no military support and no political benefits, which our government has been begging for. Andleeb Abbass, a Daily Time journalist and analyst states, “With an absolute loss of demand, a clearance sale becomes the inevitable strategy. Being a captive customer of one client makes it impossible to bargain and negotiate.”

I strongly concur and deem the current situation of our government has left no alternative but to bow down. But then again, we are talking about U.S and our government and forgetting the third entity, which is a major stake holder, our people.

We, the people of Pakistan, have been through worst of times and seen our rulers disregarding core issues and pleasing the U.S government. In return, we don’t even get an explanation to, Why we have to be the one to get overlooked? Why is it an insult to be called as a ‘Paki’ overseas? Why was the military aid blocked in 1965, when needed the most? Why is Taliban rendered as a solo venture of Pakistan? Why Afia and Why not Davis? Why was Pakistan’s nuclear program discouraged, in the presence of a cunning nuclear powered neighbor? Why haven’t he forces been withdrawn from Afghanistan and Durand Line? In the presence of world’s most reputed intelligence agency, I.S.I, why does U.S has to interfere in Waziristan operation? Why Drone attacks?

JUSTIFICATION? The list of question goes on, which our government and super powers are answerable to. Of course, these questions have been addressed and answered with ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’, but we not only demand for an account, we demand both rational and ethical Justification. U.S and all the allies need to JUSTIFY.

Project BX releasing a track on Saturday 26th February 2011, named as JUSTIFY. It’s a direct address to the super powers and the people of Pakistan. Song is not surrounded by hatred but retaliation and vengeance for basic rights. It’s a shout-out to all those who are on Pakistan’s case and a plea to every member of Muslim community from all sects to unite and stand as ONE.

SONG BACKGROUND: While giving an audition in February 2010 for acting in a Hollywood production headed by Tom Delmar, a Hollywood director, I was appreciated and was instantly interviewed. When Tom Delmar found out that I am a hip hop artist and rap in Pakistan’s national and local languages, he asked me to make something for the undisclosed project. I came up with lyrics and wrote down the verses, with assistance from Hassan Shaheer[Katharsis] for the English part. B.X.K came in as a driving force and added the most amazing and motivational chorus ever. The beat is made by the youngest and most diverse hip hop producer of Pakistan, Farhan Khan Productions, who studied in his eleventh grade, when he made this. When the song was recorded at Studio 051, Mustafa Kamal was not a part of the group, so you will miss him on the track. Though, the details about the Hollywood production are strictly confidential and there a few changes made in the production, so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope for JUSTIFY to blow your speakers away and ignite your soul with honor and sense of worth.

Project BX consists Baber Xia Khan aka B.X.K, Muhammad Dar aka Xpolymer and Mustafa Kamal aka Party-Wrecker. The crew itself is a product of retribution. It formed when all the three individuals took a break from their signature bands and stepped in together to prove a point and create a difference in dragged and rock/pop oriented music industry of Pakistan. No music is good till you put your soul, your heart and an ORIGINAL effort in it and this track ‘JUSTIFY’ is a pure example. It will raise loads of questions, but at any rate will trigger a debate and activate the minds that were dead for ages.

Tupac Shakur: “Im not saying I’m gonna rule the world or I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

Project BX – Xpolymer Dar,


  • twitter.com/xpolymer
  • Facebook Fanpage: Project BX
  • Facebook Fanpage: Xpolymer DAR
  • polymer.x@gmail.com

P.S: The article of faith behind the band and the song is anti-taliban and progressive, shouldn’t be misinterpreted. Most of the phrases used in the lyrics are playing a metaphorical role.

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  1. i am so impressed and proud of our youth. you gonna take Pakistan global with a true image. awesome article. wheres da song?


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