Artist: Abbas Hasan
Song: Sona

The Asian scene is about to be hit with a burst of fresh talent with the arrival of ABBAS HASAN, a rising Canadian-born French-Asian pop artist taking the pop music scene by the horns.
Abbas raised in Paris, France was exposed to the world of arts and music at an early age. As a child he showed a natural talent for performing on stage and adored being in the spotlight. His first foray in the professional world was acting and modelling in various adverts and public broadcasts and even singing for Disney.
In his teens Abbas moved back to Canada and began focusing on his love for music. He looked to develop his song writing skills whilst incorporating what he had learnt from performing on stage. In this he looked to artists such as David Bowie and Prince for inspiration who successfully combined theatrical showmanship and music.
Abbas soon realised that to make it in the industry he would have to venture out of Canada. The stream of successful artists coming out of the UK showed that the UK was the centre of Asian music in Europe making London a natural location for him. With the blessing of his family he set off across the world to pursue his dream.
In early 2010, after being in the UK for less than a year, Abbas was soon spotted by a friend of renowned producer ‘Rishi Rich’ who introduced him to the Rishi Rich Productions management directors. They saw tremendous potential in the aspiring star and took him on board.
Abbas comes form a diverse cultural background and is fluent in French, English, Urdu and Hindi. This combined with his performing skills makes him one of the most promising artists to date.
He released his first single Sona earlier this summer and after a huge response from the media and his fans he is now in the studio finishing his album which is set to be released in 2011. Last month he also picked up the award for the bachelor of the year award from the leading UK Asian Magazine ‘Asian Woman Magazine’
With the help of the team behind Rishi Rich Productions Abbas is set to dominate the Asian music industry. The stage is now set… Watch this space!

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