Artists: Ghayyur & Husnain
Song: Tum Chal Diye

Vocals & Lyrics by: Ghayyur & Husnain
Song Composed by: Ghayyur & Husnain
Music Composed & Produced By: Shajar & Fakhar

This is a story about two passionate young lads who were unaware of thir hidden talent until they met each other. Their meeting platform was Rasta FM 88.8 where Husnain is working as a “Creative Producer” & Radio Jockey whereas Ghayyur is his friend who is working in the capacity of Producer & Radio Jockey.

During informal sittings we used to sing on different beats for the sake of fun. Then one day this idea struck Husnain’s mind that why don’t we give it a try to compose something by their own and thus Ghayyur took this idea very seriously as if he was also thinking on the same pattern. Thats how their journey towards the making of “Tum Chal Diye” began.

The lyrics & Composition was presented to in front of Murtaza Niaz (Murzie), he not only appreciated our attempt but also proposed that the music should be injected by “Shajar & Fakhar. They proved to be the best resource and gave our song a brilliant touch which makes it more mesmerizing.

We would like to thanks Murtaza Niaz, Sohaib Shah, Shajar & Fakahar, Amir Sheikh (for photo shoot) and all who appreciated us and made this venture possible.

Therefore, you all are requested to listen to our attempt and present us with your valuable remarks/Critics

Thanks & Best Regards

Husnain & Ghayyur

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