Band: Badnaam
Song: Alif Allah
Composition & Arrangements: Ahmed Jilani
Vocals: Ahmed Jilani
Drums: Salman Albert
Bass: Lala Ahsan
Produced by Salman Albert @ Albert Studios
Lyrics: Bulleh Shah

A little description about the band :
“Badnaam” was officially formed in the year 2009. Music that reflects the voice of the inner self and tries to free the soul of the corrupt, dishonest and material value of the attractions of this world.Their music is based on honest, into the face and passionate expressions.

Q1. Who inspired you to make music together?

Ans. Our common “passion” for Expression in form of music. Its the love of music that keeps us together, We are inspired by a number of common influences which include Abida Perveen, Sufi poetry, Nirvana, Qawalis and any other passionate , right into the face, truthful expression.

Q2. How long have you guys known each other?

Ans. 8 years

Q3. Did you guys take any proper music classes?

Ans. No

Q4. Who write the lyrics for your songs? What are the main topics of your songs?

Ans. Some of the poetry is from the great sufi poets like Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid, allama iqbal to name a few. Other songs are written by Ahmed Jilani. Badnaam’s music reflects the voice of the inner self and aims at liberating the soul from the clutches of slavery of corruption, dishonesty and materialism.

Q5. Where have you performed so far?

Ans. We’ve performed in a number of TV Shows, a number of underground cafes in Lahore and on private gigs. Basically our music is best suited for Live performances and nobody can comprehend the true value of our music if they haven’t listened to us performing us live. It is an experience for music lovers.

Q6. What about the video of the song Alif Allah?

Ans. A great effort has been put in our first video for the song “Alif Allah”. The top names of the industry have worked on it. The video has been completed and it will be released in a month or so.

Q7. When is your first album going to come? How is it going to be like?

Ans. It will be launched Inshahlah Within the first half of this year and it would mainly focus on Sufi Writings and music that would aim at touching the soul and heart of the masses.

Q8. Which cover songs do you perform the most?

Ans. We have a weird and versatile taste in music. We do covers from Nirvana to Abida Perveen and from Oasis to Sabri Brothers:)

Q9. Does your family support you with your music?

Ans. Financially no, Morally yes.

Q10. How do you think is your band different from other bands in Pakistan?

Ans. We believe that is for the masses to decide. All we know is that we want to potray our honest and truthful expressions in the form of music, even if it doesn’t cater the Bhangraa and Disco Crowd. Our music will always be honest, pure and right into the face. We would love to create a difference by spreading the message of Love, Peace and Mercy and Promote the message of Truth, the Message of God.

Q11. What are your future plans?

Ans. We don’t like to plan things too much, We’re just going with the groove. I hope we have the strength in all forms to complete what we intend to do, which ofcourse is not a plan but a mission.

Ahmed Jilani – [Badnaam Lead Guitarist & Vocalist]

Interview by Sadaf Nazir

Edited by Saad Mahboob

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  1. Now this is what i call real music…the quality of sound, vocals and production is awesome. where are these guys based?

  2. Hello all,
    I heard this song about 2 months back and i was like Wow. i agree with Asad that This is what is called real music. I believe they’re the next big thing after Junoon. you have all the right in this world to refuse my statement but thats what i think.

    Alright now the important part. this is more like insider. The band did their shoot last month. most of the people know about it. Their music video for this song is almost edited. its in the very final stages. Soon the video will be on-aired on various different tv channels and you’re going to love it. i’ve seen the video and its awesome.

    Keep visting this page for more updates about the video release. 🙂

  3. oye m*dar*hod k bacho ALLAH k naam k gane nahi banaya karo randi k bacho namaz nahi perhte tou islaam ko apne gane mein kab laya karo yaar randiyo ki olad ki tarah rote ho k pakistan per Allah ka aazab hai

  4. @h3ro: does Allah allow you to use such offensive language? People like you are a disgrace to the purity and flexibility in the most modern religion called Islam. come out of your shell


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