Veena Malik’s item number with Superstar Salman Khan

Sexy Pakistani Actress , Veena Malik, has created a buzz in the media after her exit from the famed Bigg Boss house. After her antics on the reality show Veena Malik is busy giving out interviews and hoping to have some bollywood offers coming her way. Recently she admitted that she now wants to do an item number along with Salman Khan.

The most amazing revelation that she made was that she wants to do an item number alongside Salman Khan. Now isn’t that too much to ask for? Though the actress did made temperatures soar when she sizzled on the show, but to expect a number along with Salman to start her career is a feat very few actresses have achieved. Even during the show, Veena looked utterly interested in Salman sending out indirect messages to him. Everytime Salman asked her whom she would like to meet when she comes out of the house, she would take Salman’s name. As such Sallu was quite apprehensive when talking to her.

Known for her bold nature back home, Veena is being criticized by Pakistani media for being so disgraceful on the show. She had, in the initial part of the show admitted her liking towards Rishanth Goswami and later on flirted with Ashmit Patel. Though now she denies sharing any relation other than just being friends with Ashmit, when she was inside the house. Many have felt that her behavior was bold and at times lingering on the border of obscenity, though the hot actress feels otherwise. She says” “I am an individual who loves to play and have fun and that is what I have been doing in my life and on the show”.

Been part of many controversies back home ,Veen Malik sizzled the idiot box when she appeared on the show BIGG BOSS. Soon she made a name for herself when she was voted to safety many times by the public. But last week saw her outser from the notorious house and with it, the sex factor of the show fell to an all time low.

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