Inteha – Preview of Upcoming Video ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahein’

This year hasn’t brought too many merry times for the country. The biggest calamity was the flood which uprooted a myriad of areas. It was devastating to say the least. As expected, every Pakistani worked day and night in the relief work for the flood victims, especially the youth.

And that includes musicians just the same.

Lahore based rock band Inteha which comprises of Nausher Javed (guitars) and Naukhez Javed (vocals) also remained engaged in providing relief goods to the affected cities like Rajanpur, Shahkarpur, Sadkabaad. As the ambassadors of an NGO – Foundation for Poor Souls – Inteha along with the help and support of its fans and youth of Pakistan, sent an aid worth two million in the form of food items and medicines to the affected areas.

In the musical sphere, they have been busy with the video of their new single, ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahien’. Inteha recently shot their fifth video ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahien’ from their debut album Kehna Chahta Houn. This video is directed by the band’s brain Nausher, who also directed the video of ‘Kehna Chahta Houn’ earlier this year which gained tremendous airtime on various channels across Pakistan, UK and the US.

The central idea of this video revolves around hope. Everyone in this world is confronting some sort of problem these days. Be it recession or terrorism or natural calamities. People all across the globe are in a depressive frame of mind. But there is still ray of hope that kindles in every heart. This vibes strengthens one to face all the difficulties with an open heart and gives courage to excel.

Instep Today was present when the video was being shot at a beautiful farm house.

Talking exclusively with Instep Today, Nausher said, “The video revolves around four main issues of our daily life portrayed in a very urban way. These issues are broken families, educational frustration, freedom of youth and old people living alone. Our beloved country is in a real emotional turmoil these days and everyone is losing hope because of political instability, terrorist activities and now natural calamities. This video will definitely inject some motivation in the hearts of our people. The line “hum rahein na rahein” and “chalta rahe jeevan ka karvan” depicts that everyone has a part to play in this world. One day one has to leave but life moves on but the hope remains there. Despite of all the grief and sorrows one day, there will be a new dawn the next day as they say ‘every end is a new beginning’.”

Musically, the song will be best remembered for Nausher’s spellbinding guitar-play which is fused with melodious keyboard notes. The song has been sung beautifully by Naukhez making all the moves and stretching the words at perfect timing which flows well with the music.

The lyrics are very deep, clear cut and touching with the video complimenting the essence of the song.

About their upcoming album, Nausher said, “Our new album is nearly ready and will be released in due time.”

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