Sohail Haider Makes it to Bollywood with “Paas Akey”

“#7 – Welcome to London” is a romantic thriller by Asad Shan that has been scheduled for release by the start of 2011.

The promos for the film are out for over an year featuring a track called “Bayrukhi” by a Pakistani artist, Zuj Jibran.

Our sources from the closet revealed that the film will feature more Pakistani artists. We have just been told that Sohail Haider has given his track “Paas Aa kay” for the film.

Sohail has been doing music since 1995 while he was still a kid. He made his first television appearance in 1999 with the legendary benjamin sisters.

This will be the first track by Sohail Haider that has been included in a bollywood film.

Original Song

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