Spread Your Message of Peace Through Upcoming Video of Sketches’ The Band: Sketches the band, a duo, which has already made it big in the Pakistani musicsphere is up and ready to launch yet another music video from their debut album “Dastkari”. Their upcoming video, Kanton Ki Dewaren, is a quite humanitarian effort by the band which seems to be providing a platform to the any person with any nationality to step forward with their message of peace and take the part is the upcoming video to reach across thousands of viewers.

If you want yourself to appear in the upcoming video of Sketches if , just write your message on a simple banner/sheet and record a video or take a snap while holding that. Email the content to info@sketchesart.com but make sure that your message is really influential

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  1. Can never get enough Day of the Dead phtoos and commentary. Please pots anything you have!! Love your phtoos! Someone asked me if it was a school holiday. Is it? How many days?


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