Artist: Maryam Arif
Song: Dagh-e-Dil

Produced by: Sohail Abbas



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  1. very very nice marium….u rock…we need a singer like u….love the track…funny when somebody criticizes without having any knowledge of music…one should criticize only when he/her can do a better job…..
    bravo girl i’m imressed 🙂

    nauman lasharie

  2. I think she has a great voice! its melodious, sweet and romantic! this version as compared to the old one has more feelings, expressions and variations in it…. when she sings log apne diye jalane lage, the variation is great! way to goooo GAL) :p

  3. Yar i told you its all animated sond ,any one can sing with lots of formating and animation like producing echo,humming and even base can be created in voice .I know about music thats why commenting,it would be better if you work on your original voice its all fake janna .And remember what i suggested you before,if you have any curiousity then u know my e-mail id thats .yar please iskee tareef mat karo only having money and acquiring a good musician cant make a good song and singer.bye and love you

  4. Hi Tipu, let me see how you can convert a besuri awaaz into melodious through your software!! a good voice is a good voice in any case… and please stop promoting and projecting YOUR music sense or studio by criticizing others without any reason!

  5. hi, Shiqra ,i am not promoting any thing of mine ,i just had a very bad experience with this woman ,i dont want to share that but she has habit of experience everything on others stake ok leave it .u dont know and i am not criticizing her ,i have all the rights to have my own opinion and please avoide flattery .and u asked about my software then Shiqra i am Doctor by profession not using any software but i hate her maybe thats why i am harsh and she is otherwise not good singer,anchor,and student as well .ask her why she is not going to NBS now on 20th sep and why in Feb .She will not tell ,i am dead sure .Maryam if u have courage then tell everybody about your failure and reason why you left Rendon Group . You have exploited me and now singing this melodious song it doesnot suit to ur voice and your personality,

  6. Tipu, I think you are sick jealous of her achievements! and kindly this is a music page, do not get personal! I wud not blame her if she exploited a sicko like u to begin with!

  7. Tipu, you should be careful to make personal remarks about someone on a public forum! reflects your perverted personality

  8. maryam, i am extremely sorry, i didn’t mean to hurt you . u were right, may be i am mentally sick but why r u taking sick people so personally ,i am sorry please forgive me .whatever i said was a bunch of lies ,u are too good, having very good voice and personality, i am bad please forgive me. Simply,,,, I am very sorry for the my mails and I admit that I should have not over reacted. My comments may have caused a lot of anguish and distress to you for which, i tender my heartfelt apologies. I wish an aura of positives energies around you, which would help you to fulfill your dreams.
    There are great, healthy, happy & contented times ahead for you & your loved> ones. May we gradually strengthen our relationship further & complement each other in our respective endeavors. Let us stay in touch & keep exchanging our thoughts & learning for mutual growth.

    Best Wishes & Regards

  9. What an imaginative design! Thanks! Congrats on designing for Papertrey Ink…you must be super excited! My favorite stamp set of last year is Everyday Button bits. I love buttons and love the little sayings so this is a match made in heaven for me!

  10. – Marie : Oui je comprends pour les grèves. Mais je suis persuadée que d’ici quelques semaines, pour ma mini soirée d’anniv entre blogueues, tout sera rentré dans l’ordre ! – Miss Giny : Je suis contente que tu viennes ! 🙂 – Alice : Tu m’invites à NYC ?! 😉 – Clyne : Ah non, ce n’était pas le but de ce post !!!! – P’tit Chat : C’est le 12 décembre. Ca veut dire qu’on pourra compter sur toi ?! 🙂 – Mademoiselle C : Oooh c’est siouper cool ça 🙂


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