Artist: Hazel
Song: Yeh Watan

Band Members:
Vocals/Lyrics: Abis Zaidi
Guitars/Composition: Mir Ansaruddin Wasif
Guitars: Haseeb Siddiqui
Bass: Fazeel Pirzada

Video Producer: Mir Ansaruddin Wasif
Audio Produced / Mix : Mir Ansaruddin Wasif
Video Director: Asad Pathan

your comments:


  1. thats an awsome song …keep it up hazel….wish u gud luck in future and hope to c ur songs on top of the paki chartzzz

  2. great job
    loving the video but it could be better
    great composition,nive vocals
    i rate audio 9/10
    and video 8/10

  3. amazing work on lyrics and music, but voice quality mzay ki nai hay bro, keep it up I know you can perform better then this.

  4. Mashallah … Pakistan ke barkat wale naam se gana banaya hai. inshallah app log bohot taraqi karoo ge.
    beautiful song … i must have listened to it more then 50 times today ….


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