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Why does everyone assume that I “hate” every new female singer? I have always wanted this industry to grow and it cannot grow without a balance…I think Meesha Shafi is very talented, Annie has good music, Zeb and Haniya are brilliant, Nida, Arooj Aftab, Maryam Kizilbash, Komal, and all of the female singers coming up these days should be supported IF they are good…So stop spreading rumors and please stop comparing everyone to me or to Nazia Hasan..frankly speaking noone could ever be like Nazia so stop trying to compare everyone to her..she was a legend and what she has done for Pakistan is unmatchable but let other female singers get success aswell… well I don’t want you all to support every new artist just because they are a girl…Talent should be a requirement in my opinion :) Good night and Allah Hafiz :)

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