Artist: Naveed Khan a.k.a McClay
Song: Laga Loon Aas

Naveed khan‘s Bio:
Born 30th march 1980, Naveed khan has been singing and performing for quite some time, he started working on his dream from school and then continued it like a necessity to accomplish it , showed his vocal talent in multiple genre like hip hop, pop, RnB, alternative rock and enhanced his singing abilities in bilingual fashion, after becoming a part of the mainstream music Naveed recorded an album “Dilberian” with his Band “Rhythm X” as an MC (rapper), the album earned him for being the first hip hop rapper in Pakistan and also had them nominated for best debut artist 2007 on Mtv (Pakistan), he collaborated with top Celebrities of today like Annie in her albums theme song “Princess”, Time has changed and the pages have turned , Now he brings you something entirely different and heart throbbing , and alternative rock track called “ Laga Loon AAS”. The song is dedicated to the people grieving the loss of their loved ones during these several recent terror attacks on Pakistan.


Ankhain Num hain

Sansain kam hain

ankhain num hain sansain kam hain
ahain bhernay ka mausam hai

yadein teri, sab batain teri,yun
satayein mujh ko k nikalay dam hai

ik arzoo jaga de na
ik bar tu bata de naaaaaaa

laga loon AAs hoooooooo

kyun yahan bekas akela hoon main
kyun wahan itne tanhaa ho tum

tarasta hoon tere ehsaas ko main
pal pal guzarta lamha ho tum

mausam ko ishaaro.n se bulaa kyuu.N nahii.n lete
ruuThaa hai agar vo to manaa kyuu.N nahii.n lete

diivaanaa tumhaaraa ko_ii Gair nahii.n hai
machalaa bhii to siine se lagaa kyuu.N nahii.n lete

ankhain num hain sansain kam hain
ahain bhernay ka mausam hai

Awaz meri ager tu sun le,
pukaray tujh ko meri Ahang hai

laga loon AAS ho, tere dil se aas ho, tere man se ass hoo ho hoho..

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  1. Nice one dude,
    I know that time isn’t far when will here your songs rockin BollYwOOD……….

    Carry on with the good work.

  2. Music is Perfect but Vocals is not Perfect. All i say him to practice more more and more….

    keep it up, Bro.

  3. Mausam ko isharo se bula kyun nhi lete … jagjit singhs ghazals Poetry ..
    but its nice in new voice n creation .

  4. Good Job Naveed!

    The lyrics are good and the delivery is different…I recommend a couple of other very good songs to make this one stick…Try something sufi and twist it a bit with your vocals…check out Athra Ishq from Nusrat and see of you can innovate… it’ll be a sure hit if you come up with the right Punjabi accent..

    Glad to see you climbing the success ladder…

  5. this song reminds me of how atif started with a simple but cool melody and became a legend. great work,shud mae a vedio


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