Vocals: Ismail Khan
Guitars and Back Vocals: Junaid Javed
Rabab: Farhan Bogra
Song: Qarar

Their journey started with two friends (Ismail and Junaid) from Peshawar, playing for fun in friends group or jamming for their own satisfaction, after more encouragement they decided to take their music to a proper level and gave a name to their band “ISMAIL AND JUNAID”
They gave their first two songs “jeena nahi” and “aisa ho” which got hell of recognition from every listener.
Their first performance was in St Mary’s where they performed with Sajid and Zeeshan..
..later on they decided to test their skills on a proper level and have a competition with real musicians and they went for Lums Olympiad where they got 2nd position in Battle of the Bands (2010) all over Pakistan.. They rocked lahore with their own style and they made a blend of western and cultural music and gave their pashto song “Qarar” and left the audience screaming for more ..Pashto music was all over Lums and they performed with EP there as well.
Soon they would be giving more songs and they want the support of all who love them..


za kho zaregam qurbanegam dagha shundo rang
da yaar sara me kai malgaro dalta shoma tang

o qarara rashaaa!
o qarara rasha!

rukh shu ghamoona che khkara sho dagha khkule makh
bia gham taza sho che pana sho dagha stoorey makh

ka de ashna kram jorawama ba khobono mahal
ka de prade kram matawama ba rikhtono mahal

o qarara rashaaa!
o qarara rasha!

za kho ghani yam armani yam dagha shondo jaam
za kho maftoon yam lewanay yam da janan pa naam

za kho khatir yama meena za pa speena kram
za ismail yama meena za pa weena kram

hooo hoo hooo!
o qarara rasha!
o qarara rasha!

QARAR (English Translation)

Turn me into droplets of rain so I dribble the pretty face,
Then coat me with dearness so I wander around the baked face

I adore and love the crimson layer on her lips,
And I seek the company of my friends for I’m world-weary.

O! serenity embrace me! O serenity, embrace me!..

Begone are melancholies as the angel face rears it’s head,
And when it subsides back, melancholies rejoin..

I’m ‘ghani’ for I long for the goblet of beloved’s lips
I’m ‘maftoon’ for I break through sanity for the sake of my love

I’m ‘Khatir’ for my love is pure
I’m ‘Ismail’ for I love with my dripping blood

O! serenity embrace me! O serenity, embrace me!..

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  1. The day, I heard this song live for the first time, I was astonished and amazed. I was very convinced that this band has the potential to do BIG. And Yes, they did it. Perfect fusion of western and eastern music. Go guys, this world desperately needs your music.

  2. These people have rocked it since the word go. when they come on stage n when junaid plays the first string of a guiter followed by bogras amazing rabab, u would wish to give up all important tasks of ur life just to listen to them, the way they match music, the way they pick the crowd, the way they jam, n the way they prove there identity, if people say talent was killed by terrorism, they have proved there words wrong. a band to njy n a song to relish. it simply is an awesomo….. go guys go, ur the future pride of what we call true music…;)

  3. This is a very nice song. I really like its composition and the rabab instrument is very perfectly fused good job Farhan Bogra ,
    Ismail Khan your voice is very perfect .

  4. I was probably one of the very few people who had this song when it was rough, un-organized and recorded with a minor cell phone microphone, from the very first movement of the string of rubab and guitar to the last i fell in love with the song, no wonder plenty of people asked me who did it, and now this is a well shaped and properly recorded song and believe YOU all me! its awesome to perfection! I can’t forget how the crowd would go mad in the various concerts and specially in LUMS to this song,

    Thumbs up Shimmy and Junaid and offcourse Bogra for the magical rubab touch! Great!

  5. wOw this is a treat really a treat…direct went to my ipod

    This rubab instrument is superb man and very nicely played

    Please can any one can translate this song?????????

  6. song 10/10
    Rabab 10/10 * * * * * five stars for Farhan Bogra
    voice 7/10

    want to dance with this song at my brothers marriage 🙂

  7. I am lucky to have heard the lines when they were being sung for fun… and I’m even more happier to hear it as a full-fledged song. Great! Thumps Up!!!

  8. superb song , I really love pashto music but this one is unique . Please if any one can translate it ????????????
    Is this Rabab is that instrument used in “piamona song of zeb and hania coke studio version? If yes then Farhan you did a great job. Waiting for your other song

  9. wey BOGRA BOGRA BOGRA dil key tar tuney cherey hain merey bhaiii simple awesome man ..you are one of the best rabab player

  10. Mashallah

    I heard this song form my friend’s Ipod touch today at college and MY GOD it is so amazing.

    I cried tears of joy.

    SO great so smooth and soft and i really liked the rabab tune.

    keep it up

    we pustuns rock!!!

  11. It is mind blowing. This song is Magic and really very much touch my heart and get my whole soul. Bravo Bravo………. This song really give me a strong cray… I couldn’t stop it for a while… I love it and didicate it to my love one……

  12. amazing song indeed..
    i wana know the name of piano instrumental used at the beginning of the song..


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