While the idea of Titliyaan was good, Strings need to understand one thing: what will hold them in good stead in the music industry is quality music, and not just tender ideas for music videos.

Strings’ claim to fame was songs like Na Jaane Kyun, Duur and Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar, all of which are worthwhile compositions, matched by hum-along lyrics. Out of the three above-mentioned numbers, only Na Jaane Kyun had a video that was much talked about.

The band’s song Titliyaan pays good visual tribute to Pakistani icons through a picture gallery, but its music is uninteresting if not dull, and the lyrics are vague. The message is only conveyed through pictures (even there one would have liked to see poet Jaun Elia’s photo amongst the likes of Ahmed Faraz and Parveen Shakir).

The point is: pop bands are known by the music they make, not by the videos they ask others to make for them.

Source : Dawn Images

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