Artist: Gumraah
Song: Gumraah

Band Profile: “GUMRAH” is a Qatar-based Band consisting of talented young musicians, having extensive musical background.

Band Line-up

Vocals: Usman Malik & Hamza Rathore
Drums: Sameeh Iftikhar
Lead: Sameed Iftikhar
Rhythm: Mehran Mahir
Bass: Sameed Iftikhar

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  1. already commented, and it somehow got deleted. not really willing to write all of it, but first 34 secs were good, rest song you feel like click on stop. Go to good studio some other time, work on lead. That’s all from me.

  2. Amazing!! 🙂

    Drumming skills r simply Awesome…Simple and kickass!
    Vocals r really Good…especially Pre-Verse!! very Good (Y)
    about The solo… im Speechless!!! Perfect! 😀 n some parts it gets Emotional which made the song More Perfect!!! 😀

    Great Job Guys!!!! 🙂

  3. koooooool track i like da leads specially .. its amazing and professional almost all da pakistani songs have one string lead with out noo advance techniques i am pretty sure if dis lead would have been uploaded by faraz anwar u guys would have said alla bhai alla see dats da problem in us …. i dunno y wat u guys like to hear if u dont like dis ..get advance in music ppl .. get outta jal and crap ..and khalid u better upload ur track if u have balls to do it and pretty sure u jus one pmr wannabee 😛 .. all i am gonna say over all its kickass jus need to fix one part which is kinda low in da end da vocals .. over all u guys r hit 😀

  4. who da hell deleted my comment, i mean seriously just leaving behind all the self made account comments will make you big..what a shame, a shameful musical act

  5. music is fine xamza ur vocals rockkkks i really love ur voice anyhow i enjoyed music first 40 sec and abt another vocalist i’ve no words he iz dumb !!!!! if xamza hav sang this song ur tracks was gona be hit !!

  6. this post is for “real gumrah fan” dnt cry abt logo the main thing is music … i’ve heard ur song too that teri yaad and seriously ur song sucks more than them so better improve ur music+vocals nw get a life and next time dnt cry for ur logo or watever..


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