Satesh Khan

PMR: First of all thank you for giving us your valuable time.
Satesh Khan: should thank you for coming upto me all the way ;P

PMR: Who is Satesh Khan?
Satesh Khan: hmm Satesh khan is a GIRL <3 .. Duh!! Well I was born on the 7th of April in 1991 in LHR. My baba was from KHI we moved there, studied there lived half of my life, then went to Muscat. But Pak is my Homeland, Love my country no matter whatever it is. I’m very responsible & organized about everything, I can’t see things NOT going my way that makes me loose control & I can be your worst nightmare ;P *jokes* I’m a hyper lil active soul.. Very much emotional at times, have a bad Ego problem which ruins everything at the end but I’m not judgmental at all, I can be mean, seem conceited or real nice depends on the first impression that they give me. Oh I talk too much which can get irritating at times. I can’t get along with just everyone, I’m very specific ! I don’t allow anyone to ruin my privacy cuz that is insanely annoying for me & when it comes to Sataesh professionally u can call me an actress, an anchor & a Singer.. Ps: cuz some work related to these I totally charge u* ;P

PMR: Could you tell us about an average day in your life?
Satesh Khan: Average day hmm… when the schedule is tight which most of the times a month it is, you’d always see me working or solving out some Phadda but when I have day off, I sleep like a Pig* for more than 14 hours which I KNOW is Abnormal but can’t help it I was actually born to SLEEP don’t know where did the Work come from

Are you studying anything now?
Satesh Khan: yes I’m doing A1 (business)

PMR: For how many years have you been in the field of acting?
Satesh Khan: technically its bin 11 months 🙂 On & off its bin years, I remember when I did my first ever drama I was in 8th grade!!

Besides Acting, what else do you do?
Satesh Khan: I sing as I mentioned before I’m more of a Diva inside me, One of my passions are singing & Dancing. Because that is what I always wanted to-do & which I’ve always planned for, acting was a coincidence…

PMR: Besides Professionalism, do we hear satesh khan getting committed anytime soon *hehe*?
Satesh Khan: Oh well well well ;P Aren’t u getting too personal? *jokes* I’m not committed yet & I wana swim freely for years, I want to Invent & discover so many things that I can’t even think about coming out of water 🙂 so let me enjoy my warm bath on this beautiful ocean !!

PMR: Tell me something about your professional skills?
Satesh Khan: Professional skills. It sounds like I’m applying for a job & I’ve to fill up the CV ;P . Professionally I have many interests, I’ve thought about it already. I could join any business, I have a very sharp mind I get things quickly & I very well understand the system. My interest towards styling & make up is building up a new line, not planning anything professionally yet but soon will be

PMR: how many play’s have you acted in?
Satesh Khan: Very few. 11 or 12

PMR: From where have you acquired your acting skills?
Satesh Khan: My mother has been my tutor, in everything. I started Acting with her, & then slowly slowly I see people & *copy* them ;P yhesss seriously yes it’s the best way, Imagine if u have a dialogue & u need to deliver it, just think how your fav actor would be delivering it. Easy for u to copy ;P

PMR: Who do you really admire as your ideal?
Satesh Khan: That’s a BIG deal to admiring someone as Ur Ideal, everyone is not perfect! I could admire you for writing me such interesting questions, I could Admire Britney for her dancing skills, I could Admire Beyounce for singing skills. & my mother who made me WHAT I am today.

PMR: What all work have you done at this point of time?
Satesh Khan: Whatever I wanted to-do so far I’ve already done it, but still Got a Long wayyy to go. I’ve done acting, Modeling, Anchoring, singing, dancing. You name it I’ve don’t it. L0l I want to sing as much as I can, I wanna make songs on your life, on my life & I want u all to wake up & see what’s going on in this world & how you can manage yourself by not being the victim

PMR: What kind of roles do you get to play mostly?
Satesh Khan: Young, Pampered, friendly, lovey dovey, cute Aggressive, loved by all, emotional, spoiled kid… huh & girls who r mostly 18 r generally like that ;P

PMR: Do you think you have done justice to all the roles that you performed?
Satesh Khan: Can’t say all of them but in the beginning I used to be a pathetic actor ;P u see u learn with the time so now whatever character I get I go in the details try to figure out the situation, conditions & then dialogues. So then I decide to take it & do the maximum justice to it only if I think I can do it otherwise I reject!!

PMR: What things would you suggest to an actor who is looking to improve his acting skills?
Satesh Khan: *Mirror talking* l0l for most of the people it’s insane but NO it isn’t, you actually learn allot by looking in the mirror & talking to urself. & then u can even see which expression suits u more & expressions aren’t the ACTING, expressions are just what u react on things in ur normal life… for example when your excited u jump off the chair, when your angry u bang ur head in the wall or some people kill people when their angry *which u shunt ever try*, uh & when you feel depressed & you cry out loud like a baby 😉 Acting is all about reality. Made ups would look so fake. Trust me I’ve experienced it

PMR: Are you satisfied with your performance?
Satesh Khan: yhesss pretty much!! I’m always having a redbull in my back pocket ;P

What disturbs you the most when you are doing your work?
Satesh Khan: when People poke their noses in my work, when they keep telling me how this should be or shouldn’t be. cuz I think I KNOW everything which I know is very much wrong but I just don’t want people to TELL me that this is wrong ;P & sometimes my makeup & clothes are the biggest disturbance in work, when I’m not comfortable I can’t work. The FOOD if I don’t get at time I can smash somebody’s head ;P *jokes*

PMR: Who has supported/supporting you in your career?
Satesh Khan: My Mom, My brothers, My whole Entire family in the amount of gazillions l0l;D

PMR: Tell us about your next project?
Satesh Khan: Recent next project is 2 serials one by Rafique warraich & the other by Jawad Bashir. Then our first music album which is gonna to be next year, me & my brother are working on it realli hard, Day & night…

PMR: How do you see the internet market for upcoming artists in terms of a marketing tool?
Satesh Khan: well in terms of Marketing tool it’s pretty much beneficial; there was a time when people used to get worried about fame & how to market their art. Where to publicize. It’s like everything is Online marketing now starts with business & promotions. Cause Internet marketing tools guide is a very simple way, easy, impartial & precise expert’s guide to marketing tools, very much affordable for adjust anyone, too many sites who promotes u & u promote urself for no cost on so many free access social networking sites.

PMR: Do you plan your events & media work before hand or things just come your way?
Satesh Khan: When I plan things or work I lose it but When I take things for granted it happens with a successful ending & results ;] so I’ve stopped planning, My mother used to manage me back in time but now I’m on my own so u can very well understand how my management is ;D

PMR: We’d love to have a word from you for PakmediaRevolution and its team?
Satesh Khan: It’ll be an honour for me to say something about u people, Pak media Revolution honestly have been playing the biggest role in any artist’s life whether it’s *personal* or professional *jokes* your very much helpful for allot of talent in Pakistan, the best part is your taking interest in promoting such talent which is valuable. People are looking forward to you now so you have more responsibilities to fulfill their dreams & desires. It gives them a Hope when they open the Site & on the first page it’s written “A revolution to make a difference” I tell you what you’ve already made a difference. My prayers are always with you for your max promotion & success. God Bless you all!!

PMR: Let’s wrap this thing up, any last words?
Satesh Khan: No LAST WORDS l0l it makes me feel like m Dying…; D *jokes* what I’d wana say at the end is “this questionnaire has been really interesting, I kinda enjoyed it alot. For you all remember one thing, Life’s not too difficult, it’s just the way u take it. Honestly when you’re worried about something, try this. Close your eyes think about too many people who might be going through the worst u can’t even imagine. So take it easy 🙂 be Generous & stay connected to ALLAH!! “<3

Interview By: Syed Azher Akber

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