Artist: OCL – Osama Com Laude
Song: Haseena

Born & raised in Pakistan (1987) & moved to the States in ‘95, Osama grew up in a simple well to do family with simple rules, concentrate on your education and make something of yourself.
It wasnt till about till about his senior year of high school where he came together with some of his closest friends and started to fool around with rap music and recording music.
Osama formed “Titanium” with good friend and artist Devin Paguandas (Da Christian) and they put out a short lived effort in album form, featuring another good friend and artist Michael Church (MY-T-MIC).
It was shortly after graduation, when they started attending university, that the 3 came together and decided to put their talent to better use and dominate any challenge thrown at them in the form of a rap beat with dreams of conquering the rap game. Thus “No Front” was born.
No Front put out 2 albums equally as successful on the underground rap circuit. After a monthly hiatus, Osama came to study medicine in Pakistan, and started fooling around with a different genre of music.
It was then that Osama Com Laude hit some of his career peaks with rocking songs, show stopping performances & once in a lifetime shows.
Now ready to finally take whats his, and storm the Pakistani music industry as “Osama Com Laude” lives to prove through his music that the Rock Star still lives on.
Personal Quotes:
“Every musician says they love music, and they do it for the music, and not the money or fame. That’s bullshit in my opinion because if you love music, then it shows in the music you make. With my stuff, it may sound like I’m being generic or selling out for the fame, but when you hear me, you know I’m having fun, and loving what I do, and that’s what makes a real musician. Love what you do, have fun doing it, and then that further evolves into the music you make.”
“My BIGGEST influences would have to be Eminem and Nelly. Weird combination if you ask anyone, because both of them have way different styles and make different kinds of music for a vast majority of people but yet they bring the same amount of energy and heat to their songs. What I want to do is take what I learned from them and put that Osama touch on it, and the end result is hit, after hit, after hit, after HIT, and you can hear that when I get up on that mic. Cause what I record is guaranteed fire.”

“Were Back, No Front” (Group)
Solos by O.C.L. on group album include: “Haseena” & “Scrumpdiddlyumptious”
“Don’t Sleep On Us” (Group)
Remixes by O.C.L. of such hit songs, by OCL, like “Simarik” by Tarkan , “Sajania” by Ali Zafar & “Mahbooba” by Haroon.
“Revival Of The Rock Star” (TBA 2009) (Solo)
Solo album in works, with hit singles “Ride With Me” & “Get Stupid, Go Dumb”

Live Performances:
Olympia High School Talent Quest Orlando, FL, USA (2006)
UF Multicultural Show, Tampa, FL, USA (2006)
UCF Eid Mela ’06, Orlando, FL, USA (2006)
PSA Presents: Variety Fest 2007 Orlando, FL, USA (2007)
Edgewood Childrens Ranch Fundraiser, Orlando, FL, USA (2008)
Youth Fest Variety Show, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (2008)
RMC Bonfire 2008, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (2008)
RMC Presents: Temptaions ’09, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (2009)
Zong Presents: Signal On Hai (Feat. Ali Zafar & Osama Com Laude), Islamabad, Pakistan (2009)
Djuice Presents: Machine Night (Feat. Osama Com Laude as Host), Rawalpindi, Pakistan (2009)

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  1. Thank you all for appreciating 😀 I know when I sing “haseena haseena tu kahan se aayii thi” that part sucks, rest rapping is good. I am sure you would like it.

    *looks down*
    *screams!!! O_O!!!*

    where the hell my comments have gone O_O!!! *tears shedding*
    😀 LOL

    I am glad im the first one to comment, honestly telling Osama you’re better at english rapping than singing in urdu.
    Good work, but i just didn’t like “haseena haseena.. ” part, as I cannot play that in my car while I am hanging out with friends. But good work all in all. You’ve this likeability factor in your voice. Finally we’ve some good standard rapping, proudly saying that. lol and don’t mind what I wrote above as Osama =d just kiddin’ around.

    Hamood Hassan here < =d

  2. i am a personal fan of the haseena part. i think it’s a great song and should be the number one dance hit in places like denmark.


  4. great work OCL …im coming to ur concert in karachi ..
    .with imran khan…hope u do well in future too…keep the good work up..


  5. uDQxzn Your style is really unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this page.


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