Artist: Rizwan anwar
Song: Tera Woh Pyar (Unplugged Cover)

Vocals : Rizoo
Guitars : Saad Sultan
Produced and Recorded by Saad Sultan at Sidereal Studios

Click Here to Download!

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  1. Great Work Buddy… I told you its rocking…
    I hope people will like it and I am expecting some good comments about this song from your old admirers…

    It Simply RoX..

  2. Rizoo – amazing vocals and brilliant execution. Usually I dont like people doing any cover songs and specially Indian cover songs but man you really pulled it off really well. Good control over the vocals. Hope to hear more stuff from you – officially I am your fan from now on!

  3. Wao wao wao!
    I loved the combination of two songs, both are my favourites.
    And you have made it more beautiful.

    Brilliant work Rizoo, very innovative!
    Keep it up.

    Cheers. 🙂
    – M

  4. Amazing work mate! Actually i Loved it more than the original one!! and plus the fusion in between was amazing too !!

    Expecting much!


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