Band: Inqishaaf
Song: Belagaam
Vocals: Shoaib
Lyrics / Composition / Guitars: Shariq

“Inqishaaf” …the band in the making

The discovery and combination of two performers from urban Karachi who kicked off with their love for music and performance four years down the memory lane. These performer Shoaib (Vocals) and Shariq (Guitars) have been around in the underground circuit since long and now after years of performances on a local platform, the two have decided to it hit big by going national.

The band’s name in itself is a reflection of what they have to offer. Their music expresses a wider range of emotions. Love, hate, anger, disgust, pathos, serenity, solitude, fear and romance are the basic emotions to which their music caters to.

Their music is a blend of eastern and western melodies. Shariq gives a little touch of the melodies from the west while Shoaib draws strong influence from eastern melodies making them both play with an infectious energy. Their debut album consists of ten songs; a blend of classical and alternative rock.

Though it is designed to ‘entertain’ but their album is a pure attempt to connect and evoke the innermost emotions and moods of their audience.

In approaching it from another angle, these guys have worked over the years improving their skills. The two have put together new tracks and re-worked old ones, with an album in its final stages.

Prior to releasing their album, Inqishaaf has decided to release a song ” Belagaam ” (unleashed) on the Fm Radio stations and online.
The song ” Belagaam ” is exactly all about the name given to it, is it written about the unleashed adrenaline rushing experience of driver strapped inside a racing car. The beat of the song has been taken from a V-8 engine car and the tempo is just some thing that would make you want to drive faster.

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  1. OMG :>!!!
    im sO happy to c dis…!!
    cOngratz guyyysss….
    n gudluk(Y)

    m sure ppl r gonna luv it… n they dun hava taste if they dun…ehehe :>
    Belagaam is fit fit !! 😛



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