Artist: Farhan
Song: Enthusiasm


Here’s about Farhan:
I have a huge passion for music, as you can probably tell. Music production is a hobby, and I know a fair amount of it now, which has greatly helped me in the technical aspects of music production. Doing music production has made me realize how hard it can get (the theory behind it can get pretty complex), and that has made me appreciate all kinds of good music. I cannot count the factors that added up into my passion but I can clearly remember that A R Rahman and Vangelis have been my greatest source of inspiration. What i express in my music and the quality that reflect to a major extent, the musical impressions that i owe to these people. However, i would not say that i have transformed my inspirations into the language of music as there is chasm between what i intend and what i am capable of doing. Well, I have been trying to compose and made something melodic since i was a child but i have seriously started working on that and trying to improve and learn more advance theories, concepts and technology, all related to the music. In past 3 years or so, i have tried to come up with something that can be seen as a blend of inspiration and innovation. I have learned all music through my ear, but i have learned Western Classical from Northern Sounds and Phil Harmonia Orchestra, and still learning from different sources coz it never ends, so i am still learning more and more trying to explore something new each and every day.

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