Artist: Ali Zafar
Song: Benazir

It surprises me how after repeated deliverance of laws , ethics , logic and ways by various pious , intellectual , holy or progressive men , mankind continues to suffer its self created mental illness . Seems like only a certain group of people have always been able to enjoy and relish the pleasures hidden in the truth behind the knowledge of self awareness and accomplished their pursuit to regain the higher -self of their souls. I wonder if the mass consciousness shall ever reach to a level where it may experience and practice that divine route to utopia in the parameters of given physicalities of this world .

Lets narrow the circle down and talk about the fact that do we ever learn from our past or is it that the only lesson that history teaches us that we do not learn from our history .

It is exactly a year since Benazir died . Time flies . But the intriguing discovery of my life on this was when I heard the the song I had written a year ago at her death . To my surprise it held the same emotion or empathy towards our pitiful state even today .

Are times ever going to change for us or shall we continue to serve the purpose of keeping this region a problematic affair for itself and the world , thus making it easier to serve a larger interest of some mysterious lobby that feeds us just enough to keep the pulse going and the purpose of our creation served as they say?

I’m attaching the rough demo that I’d recorded of that song “Be Nazir “. It’s called “ Where do we go from here “ written exactly a year ago soaked in sorrow on her death , as a tribute to her . It was meant to be a dialogue , more like question from ……… you guess who .

Can you listen to the sound ;

That the silence has around ?

Have you lost your precious game ;

Or the fun is still the same ?

Do you feel your soul torn ;

Or feel like a new born ?

Is it truth you aspire ;

Or you’re just a bloody liar ?

It doesn’t matter to you what they say ;

And do you even wish to care …..

Where do we go from here

Where do we go from here .

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  1. HEY ALI ! nice song dude gud efort in this song ur sound is different :)………i like dat song>

  2. Not a huge fan of the kind of music have been produced by Ali zafar..but this is happening…complete inspirational stuff.



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