Band Name: Feedback
Song Name: Chehra

Keep holding on to your dreams, because it’s that very drive that will take them forward. Don’t be afraid of failure, they come and keep coming, but the difference is made when you stand tall and you stand strong. Keep striving for the best…and never lose hope…! Remember: Hard work never goes unnoticed !

Planning to launch our album very soon. Here in Pakistan and internationally also working on feedback’s two new videos as well!

Trying out my creative skills on the reel is one of the most fascinating things to me.

Music industry itself I would say is a great resource for people who want to learn. We have immense talent and a huge crowd. People who are working sincerely for music with their heart and soul and known and recognized.

Band Members

Vocalist:- Zeeshan Hayat
Lead Guitarist:- Adeel
Rhythm Guitarist:- Sherry
Drummer:- Arif

Band Manager : Fahad Siddique 0345-3582876

Click Here To Download!

your comments:


  1. bass theek hain…. not bad…
    i would say it is a good attempt for an underground band..

    singer need to work harddd

  2. This is SHIT
    recording is soo bad and it sounds like vocalist is literally screaming at you at some places………. aahh my ears…


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