Artist: Cold Bullet
Song: Aik Thay Hum

Lead Vocals :- Ali Tabish
All guitars played , recorded , arranged , mixed by :- Fahad Humayun Chohan
Other instruments & vocals mixed & sequenced by Furqan ur Rehman except drums by Fahad Humayun Chohan
Mastered by Fahad Humayun Chohan
vocals recorded at Little monster studios by SAM (AKASH)

Story behind the remaking :-
Fahad & I had this F2 thing going on from quiet a long time now.We used to discuss and introduce each others to new things about productions , recording , mixing , mastering whatever the other person didnt know.I had this idea of redoing “ROSHNI” in a different way and Fahad liked the idea and I asked him for help.So the amazing thing about this song is that it was done completely online.The first F2 Productions.hopefully Cold bullet is gonna bring you more amazing songs in the future.We welcome Fahad as our new member.

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