Artist : Zeek The Band
Song : Aag (Unplugged)
Lyrics by Umer Khokhar
Produced by Faisal Khan at Faisal Studios

A young talented Lahore based band with their first form of music have rocked many battle of the bands and live performances. People started loving the ZEEK`s effect.

Zeek is

Ahmed on Vocals
Rameez on Lead Guitars
Mustafa on Bass
Saad on Drummer

” Our Goal is to become one of the top bands from Pakistan. ” ZEEK

Some achievements by ZEEK :
Winners of the Lums Olympiad 2008
Winners of the Mobilink Battle Of The Bands 07
Saad Arshad awarded as the ”The Best Drummer” at Levi’s Rock Club!

Click Here to Download ‘ AAG (Unplugged) ” by ZEEK

For Concerts and Queries
Band Manager : Salmaz Z Khan
Voice : +92.321.4001785


tarapta raha main
baybus tha main
sab jantay howay bhi
anjaan banaraha main
tottay pato`n ki tarhan
bikhray meray khuwab
hur taraf bheeR thi
tanha chalta raha main

mujhay agg tu lagaday
mujhay aaj tu mita day

jo hain rehbar
wohi hai rehzan
bholi pyar ki woh bataien
abh hawas meray dil meh
meri rooh pay jo lagay daag
behtar lagay mujhay meri zaat
halat jo bhi aey
anjan bana raha meh

mujhay agg tu lagaday
mujhay aaj tu mita day
mujhay tu lagaday meray maan main iss taan meh.

tanha meh yun abh ji raha
jewan mera meri saza
karday khatam jewan mera
RAB say meri hai yeh ilteja
yeh ilteja, ilteja
mujhay aaj tu mita day

your comments:


  1. very nice n touchy song. Make u feel into sumwhre deep inside.. If any one listen to this track . Listen it twice . U can feel it.. Good work guys. Keep it upp…

  2. gr8 song.. Awsum Keyboards ..
    Salman ur band rawks.. Waitng 4 the plugged version, come up wid the vdo. Gud luck guys.

  3. Good Potential. However, The song never picked up momentum. But they have all the ingredients to be a great band.
    Good Luck!!

  4. The way these guys performed live at lums olympiad energetic band!! The song is quite gud !!potential hai bt could have been better please try to get the plugged or studio version rocking!!! and try to make it fast thora:D

  5. dey played at our school’s carnival once i remember, but dey didnt sound dat gud :S, over ere he sounds better

  6. awsummm… Ahmd voice vry mature as he luk like. And m nt wrng these guys r jst teenagers. And they won so many awards woww.. Guys u gonna rawk . Please come up with the vdo i wnt to c u plyng . I heard tht u guys r perfming vry soon in our school wid atif aslam. Waiting for it . Gud lucks guys and keep up the gud wrk

  7. you guys need to add drumss . Plugged version cud be much better. But nice songs, and nice keyboards. Good luck Young boys.

  8. Great song esp the vocals!!
    ive heard this band has an amazing drummer
    but im shocked that they havnt tried drums in the song=/

  9. haha dont worry guys, just wait for the drummed up, rocked up version of the song!!
    it’ll be out very soon InshAllah
    and i’ll make sure that the drum beats in the song will definatly blow your mind!
    thanks for appreciating the song though,
    it defianatly means alot to us!

  10. awesum song zeek …… Like the voice and piano is amazing .. Yea as others u guys need to add drums …. But thank God sumone made sumthng new other thn atif jal … =p
    Between i can see the drummer, but can any one tell me whoz lead bass n vocalist in ths picture and whoz this glasses wala guy ..
    Wel keep up the gud work guys.

  11. Arooj the guy in the orange shirt is the Bassist
    And the guy sitting in the most front is the vocalist

    Amazing Track
    Hats off to Zeek..!

  12. I was really touched by the lyrics…nice composition…guitar and piano was excellent….a very sincere effort guyz…wish u all the best….

  13. hey thnx alot for ur comments……we wud luv if you listn to us….we wud luv u to stand at front….we wud luv to hear our songs from ya…..stand as one nation and keep rocking…..INSHA ALLAH we will cum up wid sum rock tracks and ZEEK is sure that you wud luv them…………have fun

  14. * This song is very similar to tau phir aao balkay the way chords and arpeggios are played it is TAU PHIR AAO.
    * The vocalist isnt singing to his full potential
    * Mixing is very bad
    * Why all that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thing again.Aint it enough after ROXEN , JAL , ATIF , RAETH did that.Try something new to get into the industry not by copying others
    * Lyrics needs to be changed.Thats the only thing good in the song but,they can be changed in a way to sound more good with the song.I mean dont change the meaning just change the way they are spoken.
    * All in all its a 5/10 song for most of the listeners & everybody knows its your friends and acquaintances that are commenting here mostly.
    * the drummer is pre-judged.
    * winning battle of the bands and other things …… well well ………. I can name a lot of bands who did that and they have songs that really show why they win that ……. plus they are original
    * there’s nothing good about this song that goes with all your achievements
    * I know you might be feeling really bad and telling me all the bad things in the world but,I did this for your betterment.
    * I know you can do this in a very good way and Im also sure about it
    * best of luck…..Keep playing

  15. @ furkan thanx for all your criticism it does play a very important part in judging the song and for that we will work hard and come up with better songs and will try not to dissappoint you!!
    and if all of these people were our friends they wouldnt be askin who we were 😉

    everyone else thanx for posting and liking our song we really need ur help so keep posting thanx!!


  16. awesome guys u did a really good job in other words AAALLLLLAAAA nice song and the best par t is guitar and piano in it the beat was not so high but it worked oka tc bye lookin forward for yaour new song

  17. the song is really gud… has the feel….. and the vocalist is hoooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…. gud job….nice goin wid the soft track……. you will get the peak INSHA ALLAH….. and for the vocalist mmmuuuaaaaa 🙂 dun mind

  18. hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… n0T b@d GuYzzzZ..!! =D

    sur fit hai and lyrics r not bad.!! nxt tyme boyzz do better…!!!! cme wid rock sng..!!!!!


    MAY GOD BLESS U…!!! 🙂

  19. OoOOOohhhxxxxx…..yaarx drummerx bara cheapzzzz haiii…..yaar why the poutxxx of mustafa….aur yaar chaanga manga kyun??…buhahahahahax….yaar guitarist keh paas kia ek hi koti hai???

  20. I knw itz wurd to say dat Zeek iz de TheYoungest best underground band>>>!!!!!!!out in lhrrr….
    Baaabaayyyy cha gay ayy tha kar kayy!!!!!!!!!!

  21. vocalist gone out of breath at 01:15 mins of the song
    composition is not according to lyrics. melody and lyrics are in opposite direction.
    simple and non creative music arrangment
    bad production mixing, recording etc

    overall remarks: non professional, immature

    3 out of 10

  22. well i am classical musician from my hobby.. i have heard this song many times.. wht i think is, its really good. first of all
    your music is low in volume.
    the vocals are has bass at the start and on the second half ,did you forgot the mastering of the song =) ?
    secondly the lyrics are good and even matches up quite well.
    breath timing is really good with this young boy.
    well simply dont just make a fool out of urself by being the critic of the song. a talent is a talent. work is work.
    its really good infact and is really a soft tuned. all the very best ZEEK . you will be the stars of our future… young and talented are always good. your story behind everything shows up the clarity. realllllyyyyyyy good. you all are doing good and my prayers are for this band. lums olympiad was awesome to see you energetic. all the best ZEEK infact a cool band.

  23. hey cooooolllllllll songgggggg.the voice is really touching spine.. all the best to the coolest band of pakistan i am sure

  24. Nice Song buh iam agree with Furqan ur Rehman TO phir AOOOO ANd the bigest blunder u guys have done is do u know who is zeek …………………………. he is the Most Famous singer Of NWFP Pakistan he is registered singer since 2001 and you guys have choosen the name Zeek who is already in music scene …………………………… i will strongly recomend you to change the name cuz it will be big confusion doesnt make sence cuz u guys have to make your identity …………

    your work is appreciated but as unfortunate its style of atifs roxen etc or if you guys bit change a style a bit it will work for you guys .

  25. ahmdi great song yara..
    like alwaz he’ve great in his vocalz…
    and outstandin performance…best of luk fr da future…!!!

  26. Hey Zeek boyzzz….. its realy very gud job n v r expecting mr gud n heartfeltin efforts in near future ….. though its ur vry first effort n realy awsm … u hv provd urslf as a challenging horizon in dis muzic wrld n simply “thE beSt”
    Best ov luCk

  27. welll awesome songs luv
    i can see that where this song will take you ZEEK
    when i see you all performing at stage, you all look adorable
    and when it comes to the performance MASHA ALLAH no words for the energy and kick off drums, vocals
    a seriously young and reallllllyyy talented band…….. Masters of underground and now gunna rule the industry… all the bext


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