Artist: Aaishah Akram
Song: Chamya

Official Website:

Aaishah Akram’s debut album, “Dil-e-Muntazir” was released by The Musik Record Label on Eid and will be available in all major music stores all over Pakistan!
Her 2nd video, ‘Chamya’, had its debut on The Musik Channel on Sep 30th, and is now being played on all Pakistani music channels.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the musically and lyrically appealing compilation of songs present in the Album! And we will appreciate if you help us spread the music to listeners who’ve been thirsting for either romantic ballads, foot shakers, serious songs… or simply meaningful verses set into music much like pearls on a thread.

A note from Aaishah;
“We’ve selected the Album release date such so to contribute towards making your Eid more colorful, joyful and melodious! Hope you have the best of Eids and spend it with and around your loved ones in joy and safety! Much love from me and The Musik Team =) ”


Aaishah has been composing music & writing lyrics for the last eight years, and although there were many hurdles through most of her musical journey but she has proven herself to be a fighter and a survivor. Aaishah’s first release was a duet with Faakhir on his album ‘Mantra’ (the song is called ‘Lag Lag’, of which Aaishah is the composer and lyricist). She is also the composer and lyricist for the popular song ‘Tauba Hai’ in Faakhir’s album ‘Mantra’. She later released her first single over the internet called ‘TERAY BIN’.
Her debut video released in 2008 for the song called ‘BEQARAR’ on her album.

Aaishah Akram’s songs are versatile. They are a unique blend of beautiful music, meaningful lyrics and a voice that entices!

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