Artist: Positive Dimension
Song: Rakh

Positive Dimension is an Industrial/Alternative Rock Band that originates from the City of Saints Multan.
“Dimension” as a degree of thought can be used in various ways. Our Dimension is Positive Thinking and our songs contain a Positive message for the Youth.
Positive Dimension is a mix between industrial and synth rock. We use a lot of electronic stuff in our music and rest is usual as the usual rock. Two guitars panned to the sides, bass in the middle, drums each component panned as usual. What makes us difference is the introduction of synthesized sounds into our music unlike other Pakistani bands. We use a lot of synth, strings to fill in the empty sides.
Industrial rock artists generally employ the basic rock instrumentation of electric guitars, drums and bass and pair it with white noise blasts, electronic music gear (synthesizers, sequencers, samplers and drum machines). Guitars are commonly heavily distorted or otherwise affected. Bass guitars and drums may be played live, or be replaced by electronic musical instruments or computers in general
On the other hand Positive Dimension is not always about distorted guitars with heavy strings/synths. We make songs according to the feeling of a certain song. We’re sure you’ll hear a lot from us from every genre in our upcoming songs. To start off our song “Rakh” is our signature song that actually describes the band’s sound.
The main idea behind Positive Dimension as the name also tells is to make music that everyone can relate to themselves whether its about political situation, personal struggles etc. The Bands Vision is to make songs with a Positive Message Specially for Youth.
Our First Song Rakh is an Anti-Drug Song.

We are a 2 Piece Band that write lyrics from the deep of our hearts and our upcoming songs will hopefully reach people’s heart as well.
Habi: – Lead Vocals & Guitars
DJ Max: – Keyboards, Production, Back Vocals
Band Manager:- Sohaib Shah – 0322-6170707

Message From Band Members : We Were Planing To Release The Song With Video But It Has Been Leaked And Also Many People Heard The Lyrics Before So We Thought That It Will Be More Better To Release It Now. Thanks!

Click Here to Download!

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  1. The song is pretty good.though the vocalist needs a bit to work on his vocals.he can do much better.loved the start was different.Drums are good too as well as the overall production.nice tune…lyrics were fine too..
    overall nice work guys.=)
    ill give 7/10..=D.
    Hoping to hear more from you in the Future

  2. Good stuff peeps! πŸ™‚
    very nice work!
    except the keyboard tones, liked everything!
    9 on 10!
    Take Care,
    Stay Blessed!
    Ali Tabish.

  3. hmm…very nice concept and realy very nice song!
    specially start of song and drums are very good!
    i hope soon u guys will make its video n im waitnig 4 it!

  4. A fantastic job done guys
    The song has soul to it, and from what i know of u DJ…u have rocked it
    Keep it going, and i know the best ones are yet to come
    All da best From MUMBAI (INDIA)

  5. well..honestly.
    the song is decent! very decent
    drums are indeed remarkable…and guitars and other arrangements add to it,
    as most ppl found problem with vocals, i would just say, that the voice quality of this guy is pretty good, the problem is just the *ha* sound that he uses too much, his voice is different and singing style and pitch is also sort of stick with simple pronunciation of words, but just keep up with ur style..its appealing

    lyrics are good…u guys have got potential and with just a bit of work in the right direction, u’ll go places definitely..

    hira fatima (editorial)

  6. Dj’s just OK.. The vocals r fine..
    the production sucks..
    apart from tht.. the drum beats cud ave bn much better.. especially the snare tone..
    like every song has tht same snare tone.. there r more snare tones in ur sequencin software dude.. n u can enhance em too..
    the over all concept is gud n so is the composition.. but u guys cud ave done much better wid the mixin n all..

    i’d give 4/10 for this one..

  7. I think vocal is very good coze this song is very hard to sing…I myself tried many times and my voice failled…his voice timbre is different, but of course with passing of the time and experience he will improve it a lot…;)
    Believe me…They have a HUGE potential..

    Keep it up…=)

  8. Song is good… vocals need some improvement but I believe it will be improved in future. There are problems with mixing and flow of song ( instruments being played, suddenly something appears/disappears). Too much keyboards are not required for a song like this. I am just sharing my experience.

    You can do better and you know that… Just believe in your work and do your best…

    Best of Luck … JUST KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…

  9. Rakh is a quite a good one and great addition to pAKISTAN underground… love the starting of the track especially guitar riff part ..

    Lyrics are quite decent .. I think its a great track to start up your musical Career …

    Good Luck and Keep Rocking πŸ™‚

  10. nice song πŸ™‚ … please boyz give your best in mixing …it should be redone …. vocal are coming great nice work habbi and maxi …..or han song kah mid mea aik point asa atta hea jahan song ko lift kerna ferz hea ..any wayz 60 from my side ….

  11. Good work.. could be better… work on it a bit more.. needs a punch to make it different from other works of artists:) over all keep it up:)

  12. CooL One Some thing New Some thing Hot…….Composition could be done better than that…..whole song is in same pattern ……Over ALL Nice Work…….
    Hat OFF to u Guys

  13. Thanks Guys for your valuable Comments and Specially thanks To PMR that they Give us Exclusive corner.

    We will try better at next Attempt and for upcoming songs. πŸ™‚


    Positive Dimension


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