Artist: Omar Siddiqui
Song: Kaash

“I was born in Karachi and raised in Al-Khobar, a city of Saudi Arabia where I also did my schooling from
Saudi Arabian International School. Then I went to Houston,TX for higher education from where I graduated
with B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2006. After finishing my studies I came back to Saudi Arabia where
I worked for Schlumberger until Dec, 2007. Now I am currently employed with Worley Parsons.

The whole music scene started back in 1999 when my dad bought me my first guitar. At that time I used to
play occasionally but in 2002 I started playing it seriously and regularly. As time progressed I started
composing and writing my own songs. The first ever song I composed and wrote was “Kaash” which is
also my first single release. Now I have come to a stage where I am working on my debut album which will
be releasing soon.

I would like to thank Allah for blessing me with all the talents and giving me an opportunity of bringing them out
to the people.Secondly I am very thankful to my parents for supporting me as a musician and without their prayers this
would not have happened. Also my sisters Kanwal, Manal, and Faryal, thanks to them for believing in me
and my music. Last but not least my friends, specially Mirza Atif for his support and motivation to keep me going.

Music has always been my passion and I am doing it to see what people think of my music and how they react to it.
Your feedback counts a lot to make me do even better.”

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