Artist : Rana Hasan Project
Song : Kitthay Labban Sajna Nu
D.O.P: Raja
Edit & FX : Zain
Post : PMR Studios
Directed by : Murzie

Rana Hassan Project as the name indicates is a Project of keeping the Pakistani Music Industry ALIVE by giving new directions to it.

The Band consists of three members, Rana Hassan (Lead Guitarist/ Composer), Sharry (Vocalist) and Fahad (Rhythm Guitarist).

The compositions of RHP are very only one of its kinds from the enduring trend of the current Pakistani Music Industry. The songs are great steadiness between Folk Music, Shred and Rock/Heavy metal. The band dream is to fasten to their roots (Folk music) because that is the only way of keeping ones self breathing. Also keeping in mind the shifting music feel of the audience towards the Shred and rock/heavy metal, they made their songs as blend of the three. Thus, the audience will hear a great blend of Folk, Shred and Rock/Heavy Metal in the majority of their songs.

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