Artist : Zeeshan Khakwani
Song : Khoi Ankhein


Zeeshan Khakwani is one of the few pioneers of music from the city of saints ‘Multan’.He has been pretty active in the media from a very long time.But few know about this.He started off in a band ‘Soul’ with his friend ‘Musavvir’ they both wrote and composed songs untill creative differences set them apart.On the road of media he also hosted a dare show on a TV channel but,left it to concentrate more on music.

Coming back to music Zeeshan has considerable amount of releases that are many more than any underground artists/bands out here in Pakistan. Each song comes from a different style and has worked with music producers ranging from ‘Shiraz Uppal’ to ‘Xulfi of Call’. Currently he is looking forward to his first video with his single ‘Har Kahin’ which will be released exclusively with the video.For the convenience he recorded a different version of the song which was recorded/mixed/mastered by ‘Furqan ur Rehman’ at his home studios.

Click Here to Download ‘ Khoi Ankhein ‘

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