Nescafe Basement : Awari original by Soch with Lyrics (Download Audio Video)

Vocals: Adnan
Backing Vocals: Asfar
Acoustic Guitars: Rabi & Fawad
Electic Guitar: Shahrukh
Drums: Mansoor
Bass Guitar: Haider
Keyboars: Hamza
COmposed by: Adnan & Rabi
Lyrics: Adnan & Rabi
Song by Soch Band

All Music Arranged, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Xulfi
Directed by Murtaza Niaz (Murzie)
Head of Productions: Saad Mahboob (PMR)
Post Production: PMR Studio Works


‘Awari’ is based on the deepest and the most sensitive theme of adultery that is ignored, but not unexposed in our society. ‘Awari’ depicts the emotional trauma lived by the girl forced in this gruesome, deadly unchosen profession. ‘Awari’ is infact a bold step taken, to convey the terribly difficult painful life the girls in this profession get to live. ‘Awari’ goes on to explain how there are so many secrets in the life if these girls, how secrets about their relationships devastate them and how secrets in and around them force them to drown in the fear of loneliness and depression. ‘Awari’ further elaborates how escape is not an option, especially without the help of other people, is also nearly impossible.
‘Awari’ further compels the listener to think how without the support of law enforcement officials, these girls have little or no hope of ever freeing themselves from their work.

“Our heart goes out to the many who are actually trapped between the past of the ‘yesterday’ that would never come again and the future of the ‘tomorrow’ that they may never see!” – Soch

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“This song speaks for itself. Usually, the youth is considered socially less aware, but I am sure after listening to this, all of you will understand that the youth is not only socially aware, but is expressive about the prevalent social issues as well. And not just expressive, but beautifully expressive. This song is a proof of excellent and impactful songwriting. Hats off to Adnan Dhuul & Rabi Ahmed on this composition. Everyone contributed perfectly to the feel of the song which is simple, but strongly worded. I remember the time when Adnan and Rabi played the acoustic version of this song for me. I instantly realised that this song is going to be noticed because of its topic and how the topic is actually told in the form of a story. And once, when we started arranging the music for this one, everything came together very naturally.. Shahrukh Aslam, Mansoor Lashari, Asfar Hussain, Haider Abbas, Hamza I. Butt all got into the same creative groove while we were arranging the song and whenever something like that happens, creation becomes simple. Give this one a listen!”, says Xulfi (Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan)


duniya nochay, nochay mujh ko yun
jaisay, unki, sari ki sari main
duniya dekhay roop mera
koee na janay bechari main

hayeee, tooti saari ki saari main
tere ishq mein hoee awari main
haye, tooti saari ki saari main
tere ishq mein hoee awari mein

koee shaam bulaye
koee daam lagaye
main bhee uper se hastee
par andar se haye
ik dard chupaye baithi hoon
kaisay mein yeh sehti hoon
tu bhee kabhee tu soch zara

kyu tooti saari ki saari main
tere ishq mein hoee awari main

main tu anmol thee
pal pal bolti thee
main tu anmol thee
pal pal bolti
aisi chup tu laga ke gaya
saari khushiyaan kha ke gaya

haye, tooti saari ki saari main
tere ishq mein hoee awari main

haye, teri thee saari ki saari main
phir hoee kyu baazari main

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