Hamzah Tariq Jamil & Mashal Khan star in SeePrime Short Film Bridge

See Prime, the digital entertainment platform recently launched by SEEME Productions has released a new short film ‘Bridge’ on its YouTube channel, starring the rising star Hamzah Tariq Jamil and multitalented Mashal Khan in the lead roles.
This short film starring Hamzah Tariq Jamil and Mashal Khan previously set to be titled ‘The Suicide Bridge’.

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‘The Suicide Bridge’ -coming soon Wearing @tenadurrani

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The See Prime original short film is written by Mansoor Saeed, directed by Murtaza Chaudhry while Seemeen Naveed is the executive producer.

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Suicide Bridge #comingsoon 🎬 #seeprime A @seeme_production Directed by @murtich

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‘Bridge’ is a tragicomedy – an enticing narration of how both pranking and committing suicide are not as easy as they seem and have dire consequences. Bridge starts with Mashal Khan stars standing on the edge of the bridge, about to jump off when Hamzah Tariq Jamil arrives – a total stranger who approaches Mashal Khan to talk to her. What happens next, keeps the viewers gripped, wanting them to see the short film till the end.

Watch Bridge starring Mashal Khan and Hamzah Tariq Jameel

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