Pop singer Bilal Khan who found fame with his 2011 song Bachana has just released another single, titled ‘Tum Ho’ and we are loviiinggg it.

Bilal Khan definitely did justice to the rhythm, tune and lyrics of the song. He definitely sounds melodious as always. Song is soft in tune and the lyrics are very heart touching. The main treat is not only listening but also enjoying the visuals of the song.

I couldn’t go outside because of quarantine so made a music video indoors with my new song – said Bilal. He also added that he shot the video in Vlog style and would love to see people’s review on it.

Everyone definitely can relate to the video as it shows the whole isolation, quarantine and lock down routine of Bilal Khan which everyone of us are going through these days.

In short this new song by Bilal khan is worth listening and watching as its soothing for both ears and eyes!

Head over to YouTube to hear it, here.

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