Fahad Mustafa, Waseem Badami and Iqrar ul Hasan Discuss the Objectives of Hoga Saaf Pakistan on the 11th Hour Show

The Hoga Saaf Pakistan initiative, powered by Dettol, can be seen making myriad efforts to help out the Government’s campaign of a Clean and Green Pakistan, and for that purpose the initiative has been taking many steps to spread awareness on the dire issue of cleanliness at hand.
Last week, famous Pakistani celebrity Fahad Mustafa appeared on the 11th Hour by Waseem Badami, along with the CEO of Reckitt Benckiser Fahad Ashraf and Iqrar ul Hasan to bring forward the issue of hygiene and garbage that prevails in Pakistan with the mission to make ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ a much more successful campaign.
The 11th Hour by Waseem Badami is a popular talk show that is known to invite influential personalities and has successfully raised serious issues, so that they get acknowledged by those responsible for it. This week’s show began with an eye opening fact that as Muslims we believe in “Safayi nifs emaan hai” and yet we have no regards for cleanliness whatsoever, while western countries on the other hand have adopted this ethic where throwing litter is considered as a crime punishable through penalty.
We are an equal part of the problem and we need to eradicate it from the roots.

Waseem Badami pointed out that we all take measures to keep our bedrooms and houses clean because they are our home, but on the other hand we disregard cleaning the country even though that’s our home as well. With this momentum, he continued to shed some very thought provoking light on the issue.
We couldn’t agree more when he said that we are part of the problem, and this is where we lose our right to criticize the country for not being clean. We throw litter on the streets on a daily basis without hesitation and have taken part in building the mounds of garbage we see everywhere. So when we are the ones creating the problem, how can we dream of seeing the country clean?
A lot of the root problem also lies in the upbringing and values given
Fahad Mustafa pointed out that the underlying reason of this problem is that we are not inculcating cleanliness in our upbringing. He spoke about how we are not raising our children to be responsible towards our own nation; instead, in reality, we are raising them with the mindset that it is okay to continue littering since the country is already full of trash.
The main purpose of Hoga Saaf Pakistan is to raise the young generation in a way that they take ownership of their own actions and realize how important it is to be hygienic and show responsibility towards keeping ourselves clean.

Dettol has always been a name that people could trust and it is a name that has given promising products for cleanliness. When there are such high levels of trust in a company, they automatically feel driven to do something for their customers. Reckitt Benckiser has taken it as its responsivity as a corporate entity to do something so as to continue the momentum the government has built for this objective. This is where Hoga Saaf Pakistan became a vital initiative of Dettol.
Hoga Saaf Pakistan focuses on molding young minds with the ideology of hygiene and cleanliness.
They brought forward examples from other progressive nations, like China where school going kids are required to begin their day by first cleaning their school. They are made to set their classes, clean them and they are even asked to clean the bathrooms. This is the level of education in cleanliness that other countries have adopted, the results of which are all in front of us.
In the latter half of the show, Iqrar Ul Hassan, who is famous for hosting “Sar e Aam”, joined the show and talked about the unhygienic practices prevalent in hotels and restaurants, and the probing health risks attached.
Malik Ameen Aslam, advisor to the PM on climate change was also part of the show, who discussed health problems and environmental degradation due to polyether bags, annual garbage and its effects.
11th Hour reminds us once again that ‘Milkey Lagayenge Jaan, To Hoga Saaf Pakistan!’

Written for PMR By Ayesha Ahmed

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