Born in Islamabad on the 6th of August 6th 1993; Abdullah Qureshi is a Leo and says his favorite colors are black, white and blue and he calls himself a night owl. Admitting, that he is not a morning person.
Recalling one of his funniest childhood memory, Abdullah Qureshi says: “I used to think that Quaid e Azam has built Pakistan with his own hands, like building every house and putting each brick on his own because we were taught that Quaid e Azam “made” Pakistan.”

Having a taste for spice, Abdullah’s favorite cuisine is Thai and his favorite place/country to visit is Amsterdam and Switzerland. His favorite emoji is and living it to the fullest and taking risks are the mottos he lives by. “I feel like there’s an actor inside. But it’s still hidden, I need to find it myself properly, not anytime soon though.”

Abdullah Qureshi, started singing when he was 4 and got his first guitar lesson at 12. Right around that time he got his first guitar too. Dur by Strings is the first tune he learned to play. “Because it was the easiest to play on one string . Singing is something that I have never learnt, it has always been very natural, I try to learn from whatever I listen to, I sing whatever I hear during the day and that becomes my vocal practice eventually”

“I’m the first musician in my family, no one sings or plays any instrument but yes they do listen to good music, they’re great listeners. Maybe someone had it in them before me but I think they never discovered it. I do know that I got it from someone in my family because I feel like I was born with it so it HAS come from the blood for sure.”

John Mayer, Chris Cornell, Adele, Freddie Murcerry, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, Chris Martin, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Madam Noor Jehan, Farida Khanum, Sajjad Ali, Amir Zaki, Gumby are the musicians Abdullah Qureshi admires. “There are many more but that’s not it, it’s all about whoever you connect with. Basically you admire and get inspired by anyone who sings or plays with their heart and you feel connected with them. You can feel the honesty if you listen to them honestly.”

“ Listening to music, hanging out with friends, Netflix and chill are my favorite things to do when I am not writing/producing/singing. I practice almost everyday. I sing and listen to music all day and I consider that as practice also. But there are days when I dedicate half an hour or one hour sessions to vocal practice sessions or any instrument that I want to practice, and I find that process more effective because you’re concentrating and your mission is to master that certain technique and achieve a certain goal. You learn from jamming with other musician’s of course and new musicians more importantly. You give them something meaningful and in return they give you something that you lack maybe. What makes a jam session good is the chemistry and friendship between the musicians.”

PMR (ZP): You write all of your own music where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favourite part about the process?
AQ: I try not to force the inspiration part, I let it come on it’s own. That’s my favorite part though, getting inspired. The rest is easy, that is writing it down and completing it further.

PMR (ZP): How do you balance your music with other obligations, family, friends and personal life?
AQ: You have to dedicate time for everything.

PMR (ZP): What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?
AQ: I’m working on something for Ramzan. After that I have 3 songs ready to release, one for a film that’s Heer Maan Ja and two singles that are my own independent projects.

PMR (ZP): Do you have any specific goals set for yourself in 2019?
AQ: Getting better at what I do and being more productive. Also, we’re planning world tours now so international fans, stay updated.

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The interview was conducted by Zainab Pervez for PMR

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