We have long known tobacco use is bad for health. Less well known is how this hurts poor and vulnerable families.
‘Pledge Against Consumption of Tobacco ‘PACT’, is an advocay campaign to discuss the harms of smoking. PACT was founded in Pakistan in 2019 by the director Mr. Shariq Khan has collaborated with musicians Shallum Xavier and Ahmed Jahanzaib.

As per World Health Organization (WHO) report published in 2015, Pakistan is one of 15 countries worldwide with a heavy burden of tobacco-related ill health. Based on World Health Organization’s 2013 standardized estimate of smoking prevalence, 31.8 % of men, 5.8 % of women, and 19.1% of Pakistan’s adult population currently use tobacco in one form or another. Of these, 17.9 % of men, 1 % of women and 9.6 % of the adult population overall are daily cigarette smokers, while 4.4 % men, 1 % women and 2.7 % of the adult population are daily water pipe smokers. Moreover, 10.5 % men, 3.5 % women and 7.1 % of adults use smokeless tobacco daily. Among youth, 13.3 % of boys, 6.6 % of girls and 10.7 % of all youth currently use tobacco or a tobacco product.

PACT releases the teaser of ‘Adat Tor, Cigarette Chorr’ performed by Ahmed Jahanzaib and produced by Shallum. The song kickstarts PACT’s antismoking campaign.‘Adat tor, Cigarette Chor’ discourages tobacco consumption.

Adat Tor Cigarette Chorr – Music Video

Our campaign anthem is now out. Join the movement, sing along and #AdatTorCigaretteChorr

Ahmed Jehanzeb Shallum Xavier Shariq M Khan

Posted by Pledge Against Consumption of Tobacco on Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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